Slovenia Danube salmon fishing

                                            Slovenia 2016/2017


                                                                  Sava River



Total Catch & Release is what our dear clients as well as the "Cast & Believe" guides are supporting!


LATEST NEWS: Great opening of the huchen season on Sava River


Sava River











 The River 

The Sava River is one of the most beautiful rivers in Slovenia. Sava flows near Bled, one of the most famous tourist destinations in Slovenia. 20 km stretch is a real fishing paradise populated with numerous wild huchen, rainbows, brown trout and greylings. Huchen season begins at November 1st and lasts until Februar the 14th.

Huchen can be lured on all kinds of artificial baits longer than 10 cm (blinker, wobbler, braids, silicon wobbler, sponge lures...). One can only fish with a guide present.

 The season 

The best time to visit Sava and try to catch big Huchen are moths December and January, since the water-level is at that time (normally) at its best.

Our offer includes:


- pick up at the Ljubljana International Airport;

- 6 days of fishing;

- 7 x B & B in motel;

- angling-tickets;

- guiding (obligatory);

- all drives;

- personal support.

3 rod minimum

Price: 1390€


Booking period during season:

16.12.2016. - 14.2.2017

1.10.2017 - 14.2.2018


                                                           With Markus on Sava (January 2016)


                                                                  With Christian celebrating great catch on Sava

                                                                                               February 2016


                                                      Italian angler fighting his great huchen on Sava (January 2016)


The Guide is the Tour (Sava River, December 2016)


                          Alex and his huge wild huchen caught and released with fly rod (December 2015)


                                                                  The guide is the Tour! (December 2015)


Season best catch!  (November 2015)


                                                                    Opening day of the season (1.11.2015)

                                                                            Dennis vs. wild Huchen


                                                                            Opening day of the season (1.11.2016)

                                                                                 Sebastian and his first huchen


                                                                                                Hot spot!


                                                                                End of October on Sava River


                                                                            Convinient casting spots on Sava River



                                                             Jon`s great huchen on Sava River (February 2015)


                                Early morning and dusk are the right moments for huchen-strikes!


                                                                                   Josef and his fine huchen (February 2015)


                                   The Guide is the Tour!

                                             January 2015


                                                              Total Huchen C & R on Sava Fluss (December 2014)