Huchen fishing on Tara River and Lim River, Montenegro



Huchen is very special fish. Extreemly clever and sensitive. Top predator which is not easy to outsmart. 

The Tara and the Lim Rivers are the most southern Huchen habitat in Europe. Tara Canyon is the deepest one in Europe and fishing inside the National Park "Durmitor" is the unforgetable adventure.

The biggest Huchen caught in Tara River can exceed length of 130cm! Those in Lim River are even bigger and can reach over lenght 140+cm! Average fish which you can expect to hook in one week of fishing will be between 80 and 100cm.

The Canyons of the Tara and Lim Rivers are in good fishing condition in June, July and from September until and of the February when the season ends. The water level is fishable almost the whole season.

The advantages of having a guide on the rivers which are not actually your backyard. Whether you are an experienced Huchen fisherman or an absolute beginner, our very experienced local fishing guides will always make your visit to Tara River and Lim River a memorable event.

8 days Fly-fishing tour on the Tara or Lim River includes:

  • 7 HP in lodge (Tara Canyon) or motel (Lim River)
  • dinner at the first day / breakfast at the last day of the program, daily coffee/tea pause
  • 6 days of fishing  guiding
  • daily transfers to/from the angling-spots
  • fishing tickets
  • personal support
Price: 1190€ per rod.




Deep in the Tara Canyon

Huchen-fishing on fly


 Tara Canyon in February 


Danube Salmon from Lim River



Lim river January 2011

November 2010